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Family Update

Posted by on November 13, 2007

Miranda did this a month or so ago. I suppose I am allowed to do so as well, just from my point of view.

For no particular reason, I will start with our youngest. Chloe, or Coco as she is apt to be called, is in her second year of preschool, and she absolutely loves it. She is truly a social creature, and preschool gives her an outlet for that. She usually runs in each morning, greeting her friends by name. She has many of the traits of a leader, and I have jokingly said that we need to make sure that she uses her powers for good instead of evil! She is strong-willed and very independent, but at the same time, she has an incredibly sensitive heart. Her laughter is one of my favorite sounds.

Jordyn is in the first grade, and she is truly excelling academically. She has developed a true love for learning, and I hope we can continue to build upon it. She loves to read, and is often found with a book in her hands. (Come to think of it, Coco has an affinity for books as well, and she can’t even read yet! I wonder where they learned to love the written word?) Of the two, Jordyn is more shy, but she is apparently overcoming this. In fact, when I asked her teacher about her shyness, her teacher looked at me like I was talking about another child! I suppose she really has come a long way, but it is hard to see when you have a child as naturally gregarious as Chloe is. Jordyn usually shows a true servant’s heart; she truly enjoys helping others.

My bride recently experienced her second promotion less than a year. She is now the manager of the lab at LensCrafters. She has worked in the optical field ever since we married almost eleven years ago. She started with Wal-Mart Vision Centers and was with them for three years. She started as an optician, and was promoted to management a short time later. When we moved to the Montgomery area, LensCrafters began to recruit her pretty heavily. They had a pattern at that time of recruiting Wal-Mart Vision Center managers. When she joined the company, she was one of three former Wal-Mart managers working at her LensCrafters location. She worked retail for a while, but eventually moved into the lab. She truly enjoys what she does, and I think she is excited by the challenge of making the lab her own. When she has spare time, she is often found constructing a scapbook page of one sort or another.

I am now in my sixth year at SEHS and my eleventh year in education. I finished my Master’s at the end of the summer, and somehow or another, I was able to pull it off with a 4.0. I didn’t even slow down – I enrolled for fall semester to begin work on my Ed.S. (Educational Specialist). At my current pace, I will finish it by the end of fall semester next year. Hopefully, I will then transfer to Auburn’s main campus where I will complete my Ed.D. I am not sure how long that will take, but I have been told anywhere from a year and a half to two years. At that rater, I will cease to be “Mr. A.” and become “Dr. A.” before my fortieth birthday.

So that is pretty much it. Anything that I forgot to mention, feel free to ask.

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