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My Grandfather

My grandfather has never been an affectionate man. I suppose this may be typical for men of his generation, but nevertheless, he has always been more of a handshaker than a hugger. I have typically shaken that hand and pulled him into a hug since I am just the opposite… more of a hugger than … Continue reading »

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Why I Need Her

Recently, Miranda and I have been intentional about trying to do a devotional together on a regular basis. We are not legalistic about it, but we are trying to do it more nights than not. In other words, we are sensitive to the mood of one another. If one of us is too tired or … Continue reading »

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Family Update

Miranda did this a month or so ago. I suppose I am allowed to do so as well, just from my point of view. Chloe: For no particular reason, I will start with our youngest. Chloe, or Coco as she is apt to be called, is in her second year of preschool, and she absolutely … Continue reading »

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My Uncle Bill

Sometimes, people come into our lives and make such a difference that we are never the same. Occasionally, it is not an individual, but an entire family. Even though we may not be related to them, we come to see them as being a part of our own. Here in the South, we even make … Continue reading »

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School Days

My Jordyn is starting kindergarten this year. I can’t believe the little monkey is five already, but she is. It seems like only yesterday that she was born. I suppose I will saying that for many, many years to come. I don’t really remember going to kindergarten much. My parents registered for for two different … Continue reading »

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5 Years Ago Today…

… my oldest daughter, Jordyn, was born. The birth experience was traumatic, and if my bride were willing, she could share it in schools as a means of preventing teenage pregnancy. But once the child was here… the adventure began. I remember watching as they cleaned her up. It took a while, but she started … Continue reading »

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Our Loss is Heaven’s Gain

Since seventh grade, I have had a friend named Celia. For two weeks in seventh grade, we even “went together.” For those of you so far removed from junior high that you don’t recall that term, it meant that we talked on the phone a lot and went absolutely nowhere. Our friendship has endured long … Continue reading »

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The Church Search (With Apologies to Mark Driscoll)

Chris Francis asked about the process of our search for a place to call home, and I would rather answer him through another post rather than a comment. For the past nine months or so, our family has found ourselves at a crossroads. At various points, we would take steps in a certain direction only … Continue reading »

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A Response to My Bride

Before you read further, you might want to read this. Otherwise, I just sound mean. When the trash can is overflowing, you have to take the trash to the outdoor trash can for it to be picked up. I am aware. I had considered asking the local garbagemen to come into the house and collect … Continue reading »

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So Maybe She Just Isn’t Ready Yet

Jordyn and I got some hang time tonight. We played on the floor, wrestling and then cuddling. I told her stories about when I was a kid, and she laughed like she always does. After I brushed her teeth, I cuddled her on her bed for a few minutes and tried to have a teaching … Continue reading »

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