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I’ve Been Tagged

A colleague of mine, Susanne Goodin, posted this on her blog tonight and decided that I should do so as well. Since I am always willing to propagate a good meme, I humbly offer the following. Six Things About Me You May / May Not Know I drove an ice cream truck one summer. My parents … Continue reading »

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Twenty MORE Questions for Blair

I originally did this back in 2005, so I suppose almost three years is long enough to wait before trying it again. I promise to answer the next twenty questions posed to me in the comments section of this post. No matter how off the wall, outlandish, theological, or personal they may be… I will … Continue reading »

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I have been reading a lot of Los’s stuff over at Ragamuffin Soul recently, and I found this site while surfing on Ragamuffin Soul this morning. Thanks to James for this meme! Accent: Southern, though I like to think that my years of education coupled with my years of work in radio have enabled me … Continue reading »

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