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So Maybe She Just Isn’t Ready Yet

Posted by on April 10, 2006

Jordyn and I got some hang time tonight. We played on the floor, wrestling and then cuddling. I told her stories about when I was a kid, and she laughed like she always does. After I brushed her teeth, I cuddled her on her bed for a few minutes and tried to have a teaching moment.

We talked about Christmas for a minute or two and discussed how it is important because that is when we celebrate Jesus’s birthday. I then asked her if she knew why Easter was important.

“No, sir,” she replied in a sweet little tired voice.

I then asked her if she would ever take a spanking for her little sister. “You know, if your mommy told Chloe that she was going to get a spanking, can you imagine telling your mommy, ‘Mommy, I love Coco so much… it makes me sad when you spank her. Will you give me her spanking?’ Can you imagine telling Mommy that?”

She very quickly told me, “Uh-uh… Coco can get her own spanking.”

I tried to explain how Jesus took our punishment, how he died on the cross so that we could be with God when we died. I went on to explain that Jesus didn’t stay dead… that on the third day, He came back to life. I was doing this very patiently, in four-year-old terms. Seing as I am not much of a children’s minister, I was proud of the job I was doing. (Note: I am better at this than my brother. Matt recently tried to explain the concept of the trinity to a six-year-old and made the kid cry.)

“Daddy, can I ask you a question?” she asked.

I was anxious. My daughter was engaged to the point that she wanted to know more. She had processed all that I was giving her, and now had a question.

“Of course you can, baby. What is it?” I prompted.

“When you were little, did you have a cell phone?”


One Response to So Maybe She Just Isn’t Ready Yet

  1. Christopher Francis

    Funny note about your brother!
    Amazing that St Patrick could get the children to understand the Trinity with the shamrock!

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