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Various Assorted Thoughts…

Posted by on November 20, 2005

I promised an assortment of updates this weekend, and thus far, I have been a slacker and not posted jack this weekend. To make amends, I offer the following…

This will be me in twenty years… (if all else fails, right-click, choose “Save As…,” then open it and play it.)

Pooch offered these two links. Check out Movie 1 and Movie 2. (Follow the instructions above if you need to.) Pooch says in his professional opinion as a pilot, Movie 2 is better.

Some of you may have seen this picture on the net last week. Apparently, this mother got fed up with her daughter not doing her school work and decided to be creative with her punishment. As a teacher, I am in favor of creative punishment. Some folks apparently blasted this woman and said that she was hurting her child’s self-esteem. Because I don’t wish to use impolite language, I won’t tell you exactly how I feel about that.

Let me just say that I often tell my students that if they want to have positive self-esteem, they need to be a person of worth who makes good choices… just getting up in the morning and breathing is not enough.
My buddy Earl found these pics somewhere in the blue nowhere. I don’t know when, and I don’t know where… but I know that they absolutely OWN me. Feel free to check out Earl’s site… I find it a great reliever of boredom. If folks got offended by the picture above, can you IMAGINE what they would say to this mother?

P.S. – I know I mentioned a Harry Potter post, and it is coming soon… I promise. Maybe even later tonight.

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