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I’ve Been Tagged

Posted by on September 1, 2008

A colleague of mine, Susanne Goodin, posted this on her blog tonight and decided that I should do so as well. Since I am always willing to propagate a good meme, I humbly offer the following.

Six Things About Me You May / May Not Know

  1. I drove an ice cream truck one summer. My parents had a friend who was always coming up with one scheme or another that was going to be his ticket to fame and fortune. One summer, he decided that an ice cream truck was what my small southern town needed. The truck was big enough that I could pick up friends and let them ride around with me. That was a great summer!
  2. I am an avid Apple guy. My first computer (which I got none-of-your-darn-business years ago) was an Apple IIe, and it lasted me for years. At some point, I bought into the lies of the evil empire (Microsoft) and started using Windows machines. I have seen the error of my ways. For the past year, I have been using a MacBook that I purchased through the school, and I will be buying my dream iMac later this week. I can’t imagine life without my iPod, and I can’t wait for my contract to expire with Alltel so that I can buy my iPhone.
  3. I am inked up. I have two tattoos, and I am already planning my next one. (Really, I have three, but two of them are combined into one.) My plan is to have a complete sleeve on one leg, that way I can cover it up and look all professional.
  4. I suffer with OCD about crap that really doesn’t matter. I can’t handle it if I notice that my fingernails are in need of trimming. It doesn’t matter if I am running late for work, I will stop at a gas station and buy fingernail clippers even though I am pretty sure that I have two pair in my top desk drawer. Also, if I am putting ice in glasses for a larger gathering (my extended family, for instance), I have to make certain that each glass has the same number of ice cubes. Crushed ice is a great thing because I don’t have to worry about the number of cubes.
  5. I am a voracious reader. I have hundreds upon hundreds of books in my classroom, and more at home. I read almost every night before going to sleep. I don’t care if I am already up too late… I must read to turn off my brain. If I am in a particularly busy season of life (for example, drowning in grad school), I still read, I just pick a book I have already read. This way, I have no problem putting it down to go to sleep. In other words, I not only read, I re-read.
  6. I am messy. Way messy. I am glancing over at my side of the bed as I write this, and I see the following:
    On my nightstand -
    three books
    one CD
    one DVD
    a bottle of generic Benadryl
    a package of Nutter Butter cookies
    an empty Diet Pepsi can
    a large Cherry slush from Sonic
    my cell phone
    a Leatherman tool
    a PedEgg
    two small boxes of CDs with Mac software
    On the floor-
    two three pairs of shoes
    five pillows
    two pairs of dirty socks, a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of pajama pants
    three books
    last week’s Entertainment Weekly
    my backpack  

    For the record, I will totally step around and over all of this stuff until Miranda gets pissed enough that she makes me clean it. (She really wishes I was OCD about cleaning up some of it!) My desk at work looks just the way you imagine it.

So, now I have to decide who to tag. I think I will go with Miranda, Heather, David $, Mary, and Matt.

2 Responses to I’ve Been Tagged

  1. Susanne

    Great! I learned some things about you tonight and I wish I knew you back in the icecream truck days – I love icecream :) Missed opportunities!

  2. Emilie

    You were an ice cream truck driver? LOL

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