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Why I Have Man Crush on Los

Posted by on July 24, 2008

I am not sure when I first stumbled across, but I know when I first became aware of Carlos Whittaker.

Last fall, my bride and I were watching an episode of L.A. Ink on Tivo when this guy got what had to be the most awesome piece of the night. He came in and explained to Hannah that he wanted an arm piece that showed the conversion of Saul. He had some artwork that served as her inspiration, and was she ever inspired by it! He explained part of his story over the course of the segment, and he walked away with what has to about the coolest tat I have ever laid eyes on. (My idea for a big “M” on each buttcheek pails in comparison, even though it would allow me to do naked cartwheels while spelling out “WOW MOM WOW MOM. For the record, I have shared this idea with my mother… she was quite underwhelmed.)

So, fast forward to some point this past spring. I was checking my Google reader, and someone had posted a link that day to How in the world had I missed this blog up until this point? I consider myself somewhat tech savvy, and I have been following blogs for a while even if I have been negligent in posting on my own. How in the world had and Los flown under my radar?

For those of you who don’t know, Los is the nickname of Carlos Whittaker. He was on staff with a church in California for a decade before moving to Atlanta to join Buckhead Church, one of Andy Stanley’s campuses. He is the blogger behind, a little corner of the web with about 5,000 daily readers.

I added the site to my feed and began to check it daily. After he mentioned his bride several times, I added her blog as well. (That has been interesting, because it is always fun to get two sides of the same story.) I eventually started following him on Twitter, and I eventually added him as a friend on Facebook. It is time for me to admit it.

I totally have a man crush on Los.

Now, don’t go freaking out, I am still the same heterotiger I have always been. This isn’t a sexual thing in the least… it’s just a mancrush

You might find yourself asking, “Why?” I offer the following as some of the reasons I have identified.

  • He started out as a teacher. (I can definitely identify with that. I am still in the classroom.)
  • He was on staff at a church that required him to set up chairs in a gym. (Hello? Church at Silver Springs meeting at Fitness South. I was glad when we moved to a theater simply because those seats were already in place!)
  • Previously mentioned way-cool arm piece. (Check out the video over there on the side bar.)
  • His bride has his initials tattooed on her. (I have been trying to convince Miranda to do something similar. Heather did it willingly… Miranda is coming around to the idea!)
  • He is a Mac user. (Have you made the switch?)
  • He has mad video-editing skills. (I’m learning, I’m learning!)
  • He shaves his head. (After seeing a picture of Mike Weaver, I tried to convince Miranda that I could pull it off. “I’m not nearly as big as he is! He shaves his head and wears funky glasses… I could so make that work.” She then informed me, ever-so-lovingly, that the back of my head would look like a pack of Oscar Mayer Weiners. I never did it.)
  • Daytime sex is still on the menu at his house, even with the kids home. (Sigh)
  • He longs for nothing more than to be a part of an authentic body of believers living life together.

That’s the real reason… the last one. That has been my heart’s cry for years now. I have been granted tastes of such community… and they only make me want more. I long for it, I search for it, and I pray to be used as an agent to help create it. 

2 Responses to Why I Have Man Crush on Los

  1. Hale-Yeah!

    nice tribute to my buddy. It’ll encourage him more than you know. Now if he can just learn some cool karate moves like jason statham!

  2. audra

    i had never heard of this guy before i saw a link on your page — i’m totally addicted to his blog now and spent hours reading his archives. i totally have a crush on the whole family — him, his gorgeous wife and their super-cool kids. those adoption videos had me sobbing with joy.

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