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Twenty MORE Questions for Blair

Posted by on July 15, 2008

I originally did this back in 2005, so I suppose almost three years is long enough to wait before trying it again.

I promise to answer the next twenty questions posed to me in the comments section of this post. No matter how off the wall, outlandish, theological, or personal they may be… I will answer them…. honestly.

Leaving a question is simple. All you have to do is fill out the comment form with your question, including your name and email address (which will not be published), then click on “Submit Comment.”

So who will be first?

5 Responses to Twenty MORE Questions for Blair

  1. D.T. King

    What are the chances of a Japan/Asia trip for 2010 Spring Break?

  2. Blair

    Dallas, you know that I keep things under wraps when we are this far out. :)

    I will tell you that at this point I am not looking toward Japan. I do have an AWESOME idea for 2010, but I won’t be announcing it at this point. What I have found is that if I announce too early, it affects my recruiting for the current trip.

    I sincerely believe that one of the reasons we had such a small group for Paris and Barcelona in ’08 is because I let people know that we were going back to Italy in ’09.

    So what does 2010 hold? I am not telling, but I promise you this… it is going to be SPECTACULAR!

  3. Blair

    Shelby posted this one over on the original 20 Questions post. I am not removing it from there, I am just answering it here.

    Question #2 – If it were acceptable for guys to paint their toenails…would you? and what color/pattern :)

    by-the-way…after reading all of the questions…people really want to know what you think about them?

    #2 – Shelby, I have a niece and two daughters. I have also been married for almost twelve years. My toenails have, I am sorry to say, been painted. I would like to blame it all on the daughters and the niece, but I can’t… simply because Miranda painted them years ago. Once.

    The next morning, I was in the shower half asleep and happened to glance down. Seeing someone else’s feet in the shower freaked me out… until I realized that the toes with hoochie-momma red toenails were attached to my legs.

    #3 – Yep. Some people care about my opinions, I guess. Maybe they were in a place where they needed a little affirmation and encouragement, or maybe they couldn’t come up with a question as original as yours. Hey, we can’t all be the wonderful Shelbina! :)

  4. Mary

    Since you’re still so low on the question count, I’m going to take advantage and ask more than one. :)

    4. What do you hope your daughters learn from having you and Miranda as parents?

    5. Do you have any regrets?

    6. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ll admit to doing?

    7. At what age will you let the girls get inked?

  5. Blair

    Great questions, Mary. Awesome questions!

    4. What do I hope the girls learn? So many things. I want them to learn to be kind, to be gentle, to be loving, to be accepting. I suppose if I were forced to sum up what I want them to learn from us, I could do it in one sentence as long as you let me use a compound one: Love God; love people.

    I hope that we are able to set for them an example of two people who love God completely. Miranda and I don’t try to pretend to be something more than we are. Last night I described myself as just a loser saved by the grace of a loving God. At times in my past, I was pretty self-righteous. In fact, if Today’s Blair could meet Yesterday’s Blair, I am pretty sure that Today’s Blair would not only not like Yesterday’ Blair, Today’s Blair might just kick Yesterday’s Blair’s butt. The fact that I am loved by God doesn’t make me special… it just means that He has horrible taste. I have learned over the years that my response to His love is not supposed to be one of pretentiousness or self-righteousness… my response to His love is to love Him back.

    I also hope they learn to genuinely love people… all people. Not because of what they look like or who they are or what they can do for them…. but to just genuinely love them where they are. I think that is huge. A lot of times, people that claim to follow Christ talk about “loving the sinner but hating the sin,” but all that comes across is hate. I am not smart enough to do that whole loving and hating thing, so I just want to try to love.

    5. Regrets? Yeah, I have a few. I look at times in my past, shake my head, and wonder what I was thinking. I did share one particular regret in my first 20 Questions post from several years back, so I won’t revisit that. Instead, let me just say that I try not to dwell on those things I might regret.

    A friend of mine, a guy I have always described as being wise beyond his years, once told me that a person is like a tapestry. If you gaze too hard or study the details, you are bound to find a color or a strand that is unappealing. He went on to say that we shouldn’t try to remove that strand… for it might be that strand that is holding the whole piece together.

    I am not proud of all of my yesterdays, but if it took them to get to today, then I am cool with it. I am not happy with where all my path has taken me, but I like where I am today. If it took going through those places to get here, then I am cool with it.

    6. I went streaking when in kindergarten. I have probably posted about that on here, but if I haven’t I will tell the story. I promise.

    7. I say when they turn 18, I will take them to get their first ones. Miranda says 21. At 18, they have to be able to express why they want what they want, and they have to put it where it can covered if they wish.

    At this point, they waver. Jordyn is pretty adamant that she doesn’t want one. (I have tried to convince her that a sunflower around the birthmark on her thigh would be pretty, but she just rolls her eyes at me.) Chloe goes back and forth between not wanting one… and wanting to be a tattoo artist. :)

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