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Piper throws down on prosperity gospel

Posted by on July 12, 2008

I recently saw this on another blog that I frequent, but it moved me so deeply that I thought I would post it here. The fact is, I have never been a big fan of prosperity doctrine. I find myself wondering if those people who truly embrace have read the whole Bible. Sure, they may be verses that seem to imply health, wealth, and a BMW for every believer, but if you read the entire Bible, you see the big picture.

I was handling this video just fine… until Piper took me somewhere I didn’t want to go. Then it got a bit too real for me. What do you think?

2 Responses to Piper throws down on prosperity gospel

  1. Holly

    I have never heard of the prosperity gospel. I have been taught to believe that too much wealth is a bad thing, (eye of the needle) unless you do something good with it. Except for Brad Pitt. (you can ask Gunter about that because she has asked me not to get on that soapbox again) Did you know that America sends more aid to Africa than any other country? Bad things happen to all people wealthy, poor or in between. Some things are very serious, like a coworkers kid dying and some things are just aggravating, like my past week. It is all in how you deal with each situation handed to you. I can understand with that much of the video. Some people handle bad with grace. They are truly blessed people. I so, so wish I could be the same. I take bad situations terribly. I think God will give me a problem just to see how well I come through it and if I will come through it without a temper tantrum and foul language. I have failed Him miserably each time. The craziest thing is that He knows me and He knows I will fail. I question him constantly. But, I am truly thankful to God that my children are happy and healthy and safe. I consider that a form of prosperity. I am thankful for His mercy.

  2. Heather

    Wow – that was dark. Truly, truly dark. I can understand the point of the clip, but it honestly sounded to me like some serious editing had taken place. Does God want to kill our children to test our faith? NO WAY!! But our pastor posed the question this way (and he was paraphrasing Piper, I thought): if you could have all the splendor of heaven – the eternal joy, lack of pain and suffering, etc. – but Jesus was not there, would you take it? It’s definitely something to ponder.
    You and I could talk about this for hours, just like the “old days” :) Too bad I won’t be in Montgomery anytime soon. Love your new site…

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