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New From NBC

Posted by on November 4, 2007

As many of you know, NBC pulled its titles from iTunes after extended negotiations broke down. Their new offering, Hulu, is currently in private beta testing.

The videos will be flash formatted, so we won’t be able to save them on iPods or other portable players. We will, however, be able to embed in our own sites. The shows will all be supported by embedded advertising.

Below, you will find a complete episode of the Office. My source says that this won’t work outside of the US, but who knows?

Added November 5, 3:45 p.m. – Well, it worked on here for about 18 hours. I wonder how long it will be before Hulu goes public? For that matter, I wonder if iTunes and NBC/Universal will work out their differences.

7 Responses to New From NBC

  1. Mary

    I’d much rather have access through iTunes. I have an adapter that lets me hook up my MacBook to the TV and that’s a lot more convenient when more than one person wants to watch.

  2. Blair

    Mary, I agree completely with you. I would rather have access through iTunes as well. I am actually completing my switch to Apple in the next several months. My MacBook will be ordered tomorrow through the school. (I have been using one off and on, but it is community property. I have to share it. This one is going to be all mine!) In January, I plan on buying an iMac for the house. What adapter are you using? I have thought about buying one for the iMac.

  3. Mary

    I have the Apple Mini-dvi To Video Adapter. Bought it from Amazon for around $20. Not sure if it works with the iMac or not.

  4. Blair

    You know, I totally misread what you had written. For some reason, I thought you had purchased one of the adapters that lets you watch TV on your Mac and use it as a DVR. I am considering making such a purchase for the iMac. With a 20″ screen (unless I splurge for the big daddy of 24″), the iMac should be fine for watching shows or even the occasional movie.

  5. Mary

    Oh, no. We have two Tivos and I think my sweet Honey would turn purple if I tried to justify such a device.

  6. Blair

    We have two DVRs as well… but by getting the device would allow me to record shows and import them into iTunes, something my current DVRs don’t allow.

    Why is it I have this incredible compulsion to collect digital media?

  7. Mary

    Why is it I have this incredible compulsion to collect digital media?

    It’s probably much like my compulsion to own technology. My iPod Touch will be here Friday. :)

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