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The Holiday Inn at Destin ROCKS

Posted by on February 3, 2007

Miranda’s mom Vicki is giving us a bunch of stuff… furniture, household items, and who knows what else. I told Miranda I didn’t even care if we wanted it…. if her mom offers, we take it. Heck, we can always just have a garage sale! (Seriously… we are keeping it all. Her mom has great taste and mad decorating skillz… I am all about her hand-me-downs. And, yes, I just spelled skills with a “z” ’cause that is just the way I roll. I am cool like that. Do not mistake my misspelled word for ignorance. As I tell my kids, “When you know the rules and choose to break them… that is called creativity. When you break rules because you don’t know them… that is just called ignorance.”)

So, to get all of this cool stuff, we went this morning and rented a U-Haul trailer. As we pulled out of the Jet-Pep parking lot, Jordyn took a look behind her and exclaimed, “Dad… that thing is following us!” I don’t think she was entirely clear on the concept.

And now we are in Destin. We had lunch with Vicki and Jerry, and now we are hanging out at the Holiday Inn on the beach. Mind you, the Holiday Inn is on the beach. The Andress fam is inside where we are nice and warm. Chloe is napping, and Jordyn is losing her mind over in the kid’s play area.

This place caters to families in a huge way. We are staying in one of their KidSuites, which is basically a slightly larger than average room with some cool redecorating. Miranda and I have a queen bed on one side of the room with all of the basic amenities. Instead of another queen bed, there has a been a section of the room walled off with a partition that stops about two feet before the ceilin. Inside, there are bunk beds, another TV, a dvd player, and a Playstation 2. Yep, the kids get their own room within a room.

Tomorrow, we will go and help clean out a storage room. I am not even sure what all we are getting, but if it will fit inside a U-Haul 6′ x 9′, I am taking it.

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