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NYC – Part 2

Posted by on December 1, 2006

So I mentioned the whole Charmin bathrooms earlier. Apparently, Procter and Gamble has a grand marketing scheme that involves providing twenty bathrooms in Times Square free of charge. Anyone who wants can enter into a building adorned with HUGE Charmin bears on the outside, take an escalator to the second floor and stand in a fast moving line as each person waits for a turn in a Charmin Bathroom. The bathrooms are cleaned after each visit by one of the oh-my-word-too-darn-cheerful Charmin attendants. These people are beyond excited about their job. I am excited about my job some days, and I never sing and dance. These people do… one guy even had on bear paws (you know… like the animated bears in the Charmin commercials!).

After a potty break, we wandered down Broadway, aimlessly making our way to The Broadway Theater, home of The Color Purple. Frankly, the main reason I chose this show was because Miranda wanted to see it. I picked up the tickets at the TKTS booth which is about a block from our hotel. We got a great deal… half price! Anyway, I went to placate my bride. I was absolutely amazed by the show. The movie is phenomenal, but the play adds the excitement of a live performance. The actress that played Celie is incredibly gifted, but my favorite was the actress who played Sofia. For those of you familiar with the movie, Sofia is the role made famous by Oprah (who, by the way, is one of the producers for the musical).

After the show, we wandered back up Broadway and back towards our hotel. We picked up a late night snack at Junior’s, and then came back to the hotel.

This morning, I slept late. There were no little girls to ask me if it was wake-up time yet, so I just slept. Miranda was up earlier than I was, and she went to one of the dozen or so Starbucks within spitting distance of the hotel. When she came back, we went trotting around mid-town. We ate some lunch, and then we were off to try to find a LensCrafters. We went to the one on 5th Avenue, and it was way-cool… but no glasses that I liked. We traveled uptown to a LensCrafters Optique, and I ordered a pair I like. They will be shipped within two weeks or so. We took a cab from the first LensCrafters to the Optique and from the Optique to the hotel… total fare and tips: $20. Total cost of glasses: $20. I sure am happy when Miranda gives me her free pair!

We came back to the hotel since it was drizzling, and Miranda took a nap. I worked on a paper due Monday night in my Legal Responsibilities in Education Course, and then I went walking around the neighborhood. When I came back, Miranda was ready to go, so we went out and took the subway down to the East Village. We wandered around for a while before we finally found a somewhat decent barbecue place for dinner. Since it has been unseasonably warm all day, we decided to eat out on the sidewalk. After dinner, we walked over to the Orpheum, which had been within sight the whole time we ate, and went in to find out seats.

Once again, Stomp was phemonal! I have seen it twice before: once here and once in London. Tonight was different, because I have an indirect connection with one of the performers. David had told me to keep an eye out because a friend of his from college is in the production. Turns out that his buddy has one of the leads in the production. I don’t suppose Stomp really has a lead, but there are always two stand out characters. One of the performers usually stands out as the leader, and one of the others stands out as clownish type of goofball. The goofball is always my favorite… and tonight, that role was excellently played by David’s friend, Brad Holland.

After the play, we wandered back to the subway and took it to Times Square. We then wandered back to the hotel (with a stop by Junior’s, of course), and here I am… telling you about my day. Enough for now…

One Response to NYC – Part 2

  1. David Russell

    Too cool, man! It’s a small world. :) Brad was great in high school and college, too. I can only imagine that a few years on the stage in NYC has done him even better.

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