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New York City!

Posted by on December 1, 2006

Remember that Pace salsa comercial that had the cowboys sitting around the campfire? Go back and re-read the title of this post in that incredulous cowboy voice…

Okay, okay… so it has been nearly a month with no post. Quit your grumbling and complaining… at least I am on here now. Plus, it’s not like I have any regular readers or anything.

Anyway, on to the point of the post. Miranda and I left with the girls Wednesday night after a quick bite to eat at the Front Porch. We arrived in Pelham in about an hour where we spent the night with Miranda’s aunt Teresa and her family. She had graciously agreed to keep the girls for us while we spent the weekend in NYC, and we were happy to let her.

We left for the airport at about the same time we would have left for work / school, and arrived at the airpot with no problems. Security was a breeze, we ate a quick airport breakfast… high-quality cuisine, folks… then we boarded our little puddle jumper for a direct flight into LaGuardia.

The flight was uneventful. Well, until we started to land. Miranda is a reluctant flyer at best, and she had my hand in a death grip. Honestly, the last time she held my hand so tightly she was in labor. We landed safely, and had no baby in the process.

Note to my gentle readers who might be coing to NYC: don’t take a shuttle to Manhattan. I was a cheapskate who wanted to save $10 or so off the cab fare… and in doing so, I got a nice meandering tour of all of mid-town as Pedro the Wonder Driver dropped off everyone else on the van before bringing us to the Miford.

Checking in was a breeze. There was a line curving back and forth through those ropes that you see at Disney World. I don’t mind standing in a queu like that for a roller coaster, but there is no way I am doing it to check into a freaking hotel. I saw a big group over ot one side, and I began to wiggle through that group and making my way to the front. What could have been an hour and a half was reduced to 15 minutes.

After checking in, I left Miranda in the room and walked a quick block over to the TKTS booth to get tickets for tonight. I had lots to choose from, but decided on The Color Purple. Miranda was really wanting to see it, and I had picked Stomp for Friday night. I went back to the room, got my bride, and she and I went exploring. We ate a very late lunch at the best pizza place in mid-town, John’s. I am not sure, but I honestly think this place is in an old church. The atmosphere was phenomenal – complete with two large, brick, wood-burning pizza ovens right there in the dining area.

After a late lunch (early supper?), we walked over to Times Square and just began to wander. We walked down Broadway, and over to the Charmin bathrooms. Don’t ask… I will tell you later.

In fact, I think I will continue this little saga later. I slept in this morning, and it is now lunchtime. I am ready to get off the computer and go over to 5th Avenue. Miranda and I are eating on the way, and then I think we are going to do a little shopping.

3 Responses to New York City!

  1. David Russell

    Cool! You did the Charmin bathrooms! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. :)

    Have fun in NYC.

  2. Ashley Weston

    I know you guys are having a blast!! I want to go back to NYC so bad!! (Just so you know, you do have regular readers! I check it daily to see any new stuff.)

  3. audra

    ooooh, the little country boy in NYC…who knew?! :)

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