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It’s Official…

Posted by on August 13, 2006

1) Go to Google images
2) In the search box, enter “sexiest fat men”

Finally, the recognition I deserve.

 FYI – you might want to check and see if you have your safe search on first. From Google’s homepage, click on preferences and scroll down. Under SafeSearch filtering, make sure you have it on moderate. Otherwise, you will see things that will make you want to poke out your eyes with a sharp stick!

2 Responses to It’s Official…

  1. Len

    That’s really cool and all but how exactly did you discover that little piece of internet trivia?

  2. Blair

    Quite by accident. The stats program I have running behind the scene to monitor web traffic also keeps track of the number of visitors who find the site from a search engine, which search engine they use, and what their search criteria were. In checking the stats a while back, I saw that someone had found my site by using and looking up “fat men.” I was kinda ticked, but when I went and checked, I found that picture on the third page of results. I noticed my orignial description included the phrase “sexiest fat men,” so I checked that phrase with… and discovered that the same picture was now in the #1 slot. Why? I have no idea.

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