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Forgive my Lack of Updates

London was phenomenal, and I am going to be posting about the trip soon. Forgive the delays, but I was unable to return to the internet cafe during my stay, and life has been hectic since I got back in town on Saturday night. My grandmother passed away on Saturday afternoon, so we have had … Continue reading »

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I am not a COMPLETE Slacker

… just a partial one. Thoughts are brewing, opinions are stewing… and they are likely to burst into words at any time. At this point, let’s just suffice it to say that the Andress family feels like a puzzle piece without the larger puzzle.Searching for the puzzle where we belong is a tiresome task, and … Continue reading »

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A Father’s Blessing

Several years ago, I was over at my buddy Jeff’s house when he sent his son to bed for the third time. Rustin looked up at his dad and told him, “But, Dad… I can’t go to sleep without my blessing!” Jeff apologized and then went into his son’s bedroom to pray a blessing over … Continue reading »

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Welcome my bride to the blog-o-sphere

Miranda has now officially entered the world of blogging. Go check out and be sure to drop her a comment or two so that she will feel the love!

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Out of the mouths of babes

I am a teacher. Thus, I am poor. Our needs are met, and many times our wants. Sometimes, I even mix in hamburger meat with the Hamburger Helper… other times, it is just… well, Helper. We are living large. So to guarantee our children’s college education, I am preparing them now for their SATs. Yes, … Continue reading »

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The Day After

Christmas Eve was beautiful. Miranda’s mom came and spent the night with us, and she joined us for dinner, and then we went to Journey for a Christmas Eve service, which was beautiful. We sang songs of praise, and Mike delivered a great reminder about the reason we celebrate in the first place. Afterwards, we … Continue reading »

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Christmas Morning!

Christmas day is here! The girls slept until almost 7:00, so we did pretty well. Minutes later, after the storm of wrapping paper, we found ourselves with two happy little girls… with toys much louder and noisier than Santa intended! May you and yours have a truly blessed day as you celebrate the birth of … Continue reading »

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On a Lighter Note

I was re-reading some of my most recent posts, and I realized that I might need to lighten the mood somewhat around here. is all about life (mine in particular), and life is sometimes bleak and tiresome, but other times it is joy-filled. In an attempt to lighten things somewhat as well as give … Continue reading »

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Today’s Worship

Miranda and I were going to take the girls back to Journey Church this morning. The Maddox family was going to visit there with us again, and we were looking forward to it. While I was in the shower, Ian called and let us know that they weren’t going to be able to make it. … Continue reading »

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Blair’s Family Reunion / An Evening of Worship

Okay, so it wasn’t really a family reunion, but we still got a chance to hang out. See, tomorrow is my mother’s birthday, so she and my dad came into town this afternoon. Pearl (my mother) wanted to spend some time with my girls, so we met them at a local shopping center so she … Continue reading »

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