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Our Loss is Heaven’s Gain

Since seventh grade, I have had a friend named Celia. For two weeks in seventh grade, we even “went together.” For those of you so far removed from junior high that you don’t recall that term, it meant that we talked on the phone a lot and went absolutely nowhere. Our friendship has endured long … Continue reading »

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The Church Search (With Apologies to Mark Driscoll)

Chris Francis asked about the process of our search for a place to call home, and I would rather answer him through another post rather than a comment. For the past nine months or so, our family has found ourselves at a crossroads. At various points, we would take steps in a certain direction only … Continue reading »

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Hank Hill Looks for a Church

You know, I can somewhat identify with Hank in this one. The part where he is searching for the right place, at least. I recorded this entire episode a couple of weeks ago, and I still have it on the dvr waiting to be burnt to a DVD.

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Another London Memory

My Muse spoke to me tonight and told me that I needed to post. Lucky for her, I was already mulling this over… One afternoon as we were walking along the heart of London, not far from Piccadilly Circus and the major shopping areas, I noticed something that I had only seen one other time … Continue reading »

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So Maybe She Just Isn’t Ready Yet

Jordyn and I got some hang time tonight. We played on the floor, wrestling and then cuddling. I told her stories about when I was a kid, and she laughed like she always does. After I brushed her teeth, I cuddled her on her bed for a few minutes and tried to have a teaching … Continue reading »

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Expectations… Part 2

I suppose I really should follow up my previous post with a bit of an explanation. This is part one of a two part explanation. Back at the beginning of September, I resigned from a bi-vocational ministry position. I had been on staff with the church for over a year and a half, but we … Continue reading »

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For several years in the late eighties early nineties, I worked as a deejay. That’s right, I was an on-air personality. I started off at an AM station that played southern gospel. The studio was in a trailer, and the transmitter was barely strong enough to reach the parking lot. This really didn’t present a … Continue reading »

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I am not a COMPLETE Slacker

… just a partial one. Thoughts are brewing, opinions are stewing… and they are likely to burst into words at any time. At this point, let’s just suffice it to say that the Andress family feels like a puzzle piece without the larger puzzle.Searching for the puzzle where we belong is a tiresome task, and … Continue reading »

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A Father’s Blessing

Several years ago, I was over at my buddy Jeff’s house when he sent his son to bed for the third time. Rustin looked up at his dad and told him, “But, Dad… I can’t go to sleep without my blessing!” Jeff apologized and then went into his son’s bedroom to pray a blessing over … Continue reading »

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The Day After

Christmas Eve was beautiful. Miranda’s mom came and spent the night with us, and she joined us for dinner, and then we went to Journey for a Christmas Eve service, which was beautiful. We sang songs of praise, and Mike delivered a great reminder about the reason we celebrate in the first place. Afterwards, we … Continue reading »

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