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For several years in the late eighties early nineties, I worked as a deejay. That’s right, I was an on-air personality. I started off at an AM station that played southern gospel. The studio was in a trailer, and the transmitter was barely strong enough to reach the parking lot. This really didn’t present a … Continue reading »

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Christmas Cards, Christmas Trees, and the Like

Why is it that I often find myself looking at the behavior of the American Church and sadly shaking my head? Do we honestly think that we are going to win the world by making sure that greetings cards read “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays”? I have heard many of the arguments that are … Continue reading »

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Yet Another Idiot Defaming the Name of Jesus

Last week, Bybo posted on his LiveJournal about Marguerite Perrin, the self-proclaimed God Warrior that appeared on the season premiere of Fox‘s Trading Spouses. I heard others talking about the oh-so-charming Bible-thumping mother, so I made it a point to watch the second half that aired last night. The show was a trainwreck. I didn’t … Continue reading »

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More Stupid Crap Done in the Name of God

I stumbled across this tonight. Apparently, there was a Southern Baptist group providing hurricane relief down in south Florida that refused to give water to people who were in need. “Why?” you ask. Good question. I only wish I had a better answer. Apparently, the water had been provided by Anheuser-Busch, and the canned water … Continue reading »

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No Mo’ Pomo?

I must confess before writing this that I hardly feel qualified. I don’t know that my toolbelt is adequately prepared for the thoughts that I need to express. At any rate, I shall stumble forward in hopes that my foolish ramblings might make sense. Last weekend, I stumbled across a post on Andrew Jones’ blog … Continue reading »

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Frau is Dying

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to teach down the hall from one of the most colorful characters I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Ms. Roberta Horan had taught German at one of the local magnet schools for years, and even though she was no longer teaching German, her students insisted upon … Continue reading »

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Dang, I Wish I Had Said That

I was checking out the blog of Andrew Jones (yes, the Tall, Skinny, Kiwi himself!) when I found a reference to an article in Christianity Today. Now, in the post on Andrew Jones’ blog, he points out that emergent folks ought to be reading the biographies of dead Christians… and that is a wonderful point … Continue reading »

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And They Want to Arrest Him?!??!

Okay, I have to admit that there are certain things that I just don’t understand. The mayor of New Orleans had ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city, and yet he knew that there were literally thousands of people who had no way out of the city. Perhaps he thought he had no way to … Continue reading »

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Prayer for the Gulf Coast area

While on Mark Bushor’s blog, The Journey, I came across this prayer for the Gulf Coast area that I wanted to share. (Click the link to read it.) I was also reminded of the clip I caught last night as Miranda and I were flipping back and forth between a couple of different newscasts. A … Continue reading »

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Postmodern vs. Traditional?

I found this cool comparison between emerging and traditional churches. while surfing today. Give it a look over and see what you think. I know that I am struggling to come to grips with exactly what I mean when I refer to an emerging church or a postmodern service. What do you think? Does this … Continue reading »

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