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Blog Stuff

I’ve Been Tagged

A colleague of mine, Susanne Goodin, posted this on her blog tonight and decided that I should do so as well. Since I am always willing to propagate a good meme, I humbly offer the following. Six Things About Me You May / May Not Know I drove an ice cream truck one summer. My parents … Continue reading »

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Today, I Crave…

More time with my bride. (I get some time with her tonight thanks to Gunter and Mary!) More ink. (I am telling you, tattoos are addicting.) Reese miniatures. (Well, not just today… most days!) An A in Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education. A super-phat 24″ iMac. (Coming in August!) An iPhone. (November!) More of … Continue reading »

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The All-new!

Today, I spent the better part of the afternoon hanging out with my brother. He and I worked at establishing a new website for him to use. Like me, he is feeling a greater desire to write, and he knows that a personal site will provide him with the opportunity to do that. (Of course, … Continue reading »

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*Yawn…. (scratch, scratch)*

I suppose one could say that has been asleep for most of the summer. I promise, I have not been completely lethargic, though my blog would certainly not prove that. I have been superdad for hours a day, I have taken three classes at Auburn University Montgomery as I have started my graduate studies, … Continue reading »

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Forgive my Lack of Updates

London was phenomenal, and I am going to be posting about the trip soon. Forgive the delays, but I was unable to return to the internet cafe during my stay, and life has been hectic since I got back in town on Saturday night. My grandmother passed away on Saturday afternoon, so we have had … Continue reading »

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Friday’s Meme

I found this over on Jason Kottke’s blog. I wasn’t tagged… but what the heck? Four jobs I’ve had: 1. Minimum wage worker, sausage smoking and meat packing company 2. Ice Cream Truck Driver 3. DJ at a southern gospel station that was in a trailer and at a top 40 station 4. Shoe salesman, … Continue reading »

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Updating the guts…

David was kind enough to install WordPress 2.0 the other day and do a theme upgrade, but I am in the midst of doing a “guts upgrade” to Deeper Water. Hopefully, the site will be more user-friendly for you. That’s the hope anyway. One of the things you will notice is a more extensive list … Continue reading »

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Guess what got a facelift?

Nope, not me. got an overhaul! Guess you noticed unless this is your first time here, huh? I really should apologize to those of you who have visited here using Internet Explorer. I didn’t mean to be a cyber-snob, but I had configured the site for Firefox. (Which you really should be using as … Continue reading »

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So, I Guess I Didn’t Resolve to Blog More Often…

No apologies will be offered, so don’t expect any. But I am back… ready to blog just as inconsistently as ever!

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I found this today. It is a pretty neat visual that depicts where in the world my traffic on this website is coming from. Since both of my readers are family, I could probably guess Millbrook (my wife) and Enterprise (my mom). Seriously, it is pretty neat. If you have a blog or website, check … Continue reading »

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