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The Exploding Car (or Why Tiffany Never Went Out With Me Again)

  I originally shared this story as a comment on another post. After what D$ has been posting over on Clouds in My Coffee, I decided that I needed to share a story of my own. I have taken the original post and updated it just a bit. Again, I offer this disclaimer: This story, … Continue reading »

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A Stroll Down Amnesia Lane

One of the joys of social networks such as Facebook and MySpace is the reuniting of old friends. I am on both, and I have found friends from years ago. With some, I exchange pleasantries, but the years have had their toll and the best part of those friendships would be the memories we share. … Continue reading »

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*Yawn…. (scratch, scratch)*

I suppose one could say that has been asleep for most of the summer. I promise, I have not been completely lethargic, though my blog would certainly not prove that. I have been superdad for hours a day, I have taken three classes at Auburn University Montgomery as I have started my graduate studies, … Continue reading »

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Wow… Almost a Month and No Posts

So what has occupied my time over the past several weeks that has kept me from posting? Several things… The end of the school year. I know students think that they are excited by the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, but the fact is, teachers are just as excited. We … Continue reading »

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Substitute Nightmare

Here is another piece from the past. I only wish I had made this up…. Here in Montgomery, we have an incredible shortage of substitute teachers. We have developed a grueling test for potential candidates that we call the “Spoon Test.” Basically, we hold a spoon up to their mouths and noses. If it fogs … Continue reading »

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My Mind’s Eye

Over the next couple of days, I am going to post some articles that I have written previously. Some of these are several years old, but I would still like to share them. I wrote this first piece several years ago. I wasn’t serving a community of faith at the time; I was teaching full-time … Continue reading »

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