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Last Lecture Prof Dies

Randy Pausch died today. A professor from Carnegie Mellon University who was diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago, Pausch became a sensation on the interwebs when video from his “Last Lecture” began making the rounds. Apparently, the idea of a “Last Lecture” has been something of a tradition in the sacred halls of … Continue reading »

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Twitter: Wonderful Tool or Just Another Distractor?

I honestly don’t know when I first became aware of Twitter. I suppose at some point in the past months the sire began to creep into my consciousness, but I don’t recall when I first discovered it. I remember reading about on various sites. Los over at Ragamuffin Soul was using it, my friend David … Continue reading »

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What Facebook Would Look Like in Real Life

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New From NBC

As many of you know, NBC pulled its titles from iTunes after extended negotiations broke down. Their new offering, Hulu, is currently in private beta testing. The videos will be flash formatted, so we won’t be able to save them on iPods or other portable players. We will, however, be able to embed in our … Continue reading »

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It’s Official…

1) Go to Google images 2) In the search box, enter “sexiest fat men” Finally, the recognition I deserve.  FYI – you might want to check and see if you have your safe search on first. From Google’s homepage, click on preferences and scroll down. Under SafeSearch filtering, make sure you have it on moderate. … Continue reading »

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Google Widgets: A Review

For those of you who have been living in a cave the past few years, there is a little start-up that is threatening to take the world by storm: Google. This is one of the few companies that has Bill Gates looking over his shoulder to see who is gaining on him. I am a … Continue reading »

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How Jedi Are You?!??!

Bybo wanted an update… and I happened to find this on John O’Keefe’s blog right after I got off the phone with Bybo… so here goes… how jedi are you? :: by lawrie malen Heck, yeah! I got me a WOOKIE! And a princess too!

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Various Assorted Thoughts…

I promised an assortment of updates this weekend, and thus far, I have been a slacker and not posted jack this weekend. To make amends, I offer the following… This will be me in twenty years… (if all else fails, right-click, choose “Save As…,” then open it and play it.) Pooch offered these two links. … Continue reading »

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Blair Needs… according to Google

David issued the challenge, and I am responding to it. So here’s the deal… go to Google and type in [your name] and needs and see what kind of crazy list comes up. Apparently, according to Google… 1. Blair needs humility. My wife would probably agree to this one. 2. Blair needs to re-enter the … Continue reading »

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I found this today. It is a pretty neat visual that depicts where in the world my traffic on this website is coming from. Since both of my readers are family, I could probably guess Millbrook (my wife) and Enterprise (my mom). Seriously, it is pretty neat. If you have a blog or website, check … Continue reading »

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