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London in Retrospect – Part 4

Thursday morning, we woke up and went downstairs for the daily fry-up. After breakfast, we gathered together with the other two groups that were traveling with us. There was one group from Missouri that was made up entirely of senior girls and their chaperones. The other group consisted of five teachers traveling without students. They … Continue reading »

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London in Retrospect – Part 3

After we had our tour of London by coach, we started out of the city towards Windsor. We had seen the castle by air since Heathrow is actually near the castle, but we had not yet had a chance to check it out. We got there in time for a late lunch, and I had … Continue reading »

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London in Retrospect – Part 2 (or All About Dalia)

Before I go much further I suppose I should tell you a bit about our tour director. Dalia is a native Londoner, but I believe both of her parents are from France originally. Dalia learned to speak French before she learned English, and is fluent in both. I am not sure if she speaks French … Continue reading »

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London in Retrospect – Part 1

To start with, allow me to eat some humble pie. I was so wrong to compare the Oriental buffet we had been promised to anything we have in Millbrook. We ate at Tiger Lil’s Flaming Woks in Islington. The idea is that the restaurant is supposed to resemble an Oriental street market. We picked all … Continue reading »

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Internet Cafe at Kings Cross

When we got to the airport in Atlanta, there was immediately chaos. Apparently, the air traffic controllers in Atlanta were having a bad day and many of the planes were being delayed. As a result our initial plane was a couple of hours late. Since we only had about a forty-five minute window between arriving … Continue reading »

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