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Paris – Day 4

I am obviously posting this a few days late. Read on, dear friends… Sunday morning started bright and early. Group members were free to eat at their leisure, and we were set to depart at 8:30. Close to that time, we all loaded onto a motorcoach and left for the center of Paris. Our first … Continue reading »

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Paris – Day 3

Today, the day started with the conference part of why we are here. Each of the representatives from EF spoke, and the other experienced group leader and I both spoke. That lasted until about 2:00 or so. We gave all of the teachers a break, and then we met back in the lobby. Joel, our … Continue reading »

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Paris – Day 2, Part 2

Our tour director for the weekend is a Brit by the name of Joel. He is a terribly funny guy, and I am actually hoping to work with him again. Though he is based in London, he does speak French and Spanish, so there is a chance that I could book him. He has been … Continue reading »

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Paris – Day 2 Part 1

This morning, I got my wake-up call at 7:45. Luckily, I didn’t have to go with the EF staff to meet the teachers at the airport. Instead, I got to meet them when they arrived here at the hotel. The first group arrived at 9:15, so my morning was off to a leisurely beginning. This … Continue reading »

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Paris Day 1, Part 2

You must understand that I didn’t take Pierre the Cross-Eyed Janitor’s initial refusal to talk to me very seriously. He kept telling me, “Je ne parle anglais!” to which I would respond, “Oui, mais je parle francais un peu… s’il vous plait…” I was just trying to show him an address and ask him about … Continue reading »

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If it is possible for a blog to get dusty from disuse, this one is covered with it. Oh, well. I suppose I have no real excuse. I do, however, offer the following. As a teacher who has chosen to sponsor group travel, I have experienced many benefits. I have seen New York, London, and … Continue reading »

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NYC – Part 2

So I mentioned the whole Charmin bathrooms earlier. Apparently, Procter and Gamble has a grand marketing scheme that involves providing twenty bathrooms in Times Square free of charge. Anyone who wants can enter into a building adorned with HUGE Charmin bears on the outside, take an escalator to the second floor and stand in a … Continue reading »

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New York City!

Remember that Pace salsa comercial that had the cowboys sitting around the campfire? Go back and re-read the title of this post in that incredulous cowboy voice… Okay, okay… so it has been nearly a month with no post. Quit your grumbling and complaining… at least I am on here now. Plus, it’s not like … Continue reading »

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Another London Memory

My Muse spoke to me tonight and told me that I needed to post. Lucky for her, I was already mulling this over… One afternoon as we were walking along the heart of London, not far from Piccadilly Circus and the major shopping areas, I noticed something that I had only seen one other time … Continue reading »

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London in Retrospect – Part 5

On Friday morning, we had our daily fry-up a wee bit earlier than the rest of the week. The reason for this is because we had a day trip planned. We were heading to Stonehenge and the town of Bath. OUr coach actually showed up late. The driver was supposed to pick us up, and … Continue reading »

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