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Author Archives: Blair

I Really Like Rob Bell

Rob Bell is a pastor in Grandville, Michigan, and I really like him. A lot. The side of me that is incredibly superficial and shallow is willing to concede that maybe it is because I like his glasses. He even has cool hair, even though it is much shorter than I could get away with … Continue reading »

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I have been reading a lot of Los’s stuff over at Ragamuffin Soul recently, and I found this site while surfing on Ragamuffin Soul this morning. Thanks to James for this meme! Accent: Southern, though I like to think that my years of education coupled with my years of work in radio have enabled me … Continue reading »

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Why I Need Her

Recently, Miranda and I have been intentional about trying to do a devotional together on a regular basis. We are not legalistic about it, but we are trying to do it more nights than not. In other words, we are sensitive to the mood of one another. If one of us is too tired or … Continue reading »

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What Facebook Would Look Like in Real Life

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Slice of Life

Okay, so I am totally ripping this off from my bride. She posted this months ago, and I figured I might as well just go crazy and post twice in one day.   Today’s date & time: Monday, May 12 at 9:15 am 1. Inside, I feel like I’m (what age): Some days… 15…. other … Continue reading »

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So, Where Have I Been?

A few weeks back, a friend of mine shot me a message and asked when I was going to start blogging again. I handled her message the same way that I have been handling this blog as of late… I ignored it.I have a variety of excuses reasons for not blogging over the past few … Continue reading »

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Not a Christmas Post

David Nasser and I went to high school together, and if he wasn’t the single-most unlikely candidate to become a minister, he was at least on the top ten list. Amazing what God can do, huh? He sent out this piece in an email over the weekend, and I felt like sharing it. Have no … Continue reading »

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My Jesus

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to hear Todd Agnew in concert. I will post more about that later, but for now, I offer the following lyrics for those of you who might be looking for something to read. My Jesus Which Jesus do you follow? Which Jesus do you serve? If … Continue reading »

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The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Things For Which I am Grateful The substitution, sufficiency, and satisfaction of the sacrifice of Christ. (Thanks, Jack!) I have a beautiful bride and two wonderful daughters… all three of whom are healthy, and all three of whom love me. My extended family, including my dad, are all doing well. Considering the health scare he … Continue reading »

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New Mac Ad

So, apparently, the following appears only on a couple of specific websites (namely,,, and

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