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Author Archives: Blair

Why I Have Man Crush on Los

I am not sure when I first stumbled across, but I know when I first became aware of Carlos Whittaker. Last fall, my bride and I were watching an episode of L.A. Ink on Tivo when this guy got what had to be the most awesome piece of the night. He came in and … Continue reading »

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Today, I Crave…

More time with my bride. (I get some time with her tonight thanks to Gunter and Mary!) More ink. (I am telling you, tattoos are addicting.) Reese miniatures. (Well, not just today… most days!) An A in Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education. A super-phat 24″ iMac. (Coming in August!) An iPhone. (November!) More of … Continue reading »

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Twitter: Wonderful Tool or Just Another Distractor?

I honestly don’t know when I first became aware of Twitter. I suppose at some point in the past months the sire began to creep into my consciousness, but I don’t recall when I first discovered it. I remember reading about on various sites. Los over at Ragamuffin Soul was using it, my friend David … Continue reading »

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The Exploding Car (or Why Tiffany Never Went Out With Me Again)

  I originally shared this story as a comment on another post. After what D$ has been posting over on Clouds in My Coffee, I decided that I needed to share a story of my own. I have taken the original post and updated it just a bit. Again, I offer this disclaimer: This story, … Continue reading »

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Twenty MORE Questions for Blair

I originally did this back in 2005, so I suppose almost three years is long enough to wait before trying it again. I promise to answer the next twenty questions posed to me in the comments section of this post. No matter how off the wall, outlandish, theological, or personal they may be… I will … Continue reading »

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A Stroll Down Amnesia Lane

One of the joys of social networks such as Facebook and MySpace is the reuniting of old friends. I am on both, and I have found friends from years ago. With some, I exchange pleasantries, but the years have had their toll and the best part of those friendships would be the memories we share. … Continue reading »

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Welcome to!

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The All-new!

Today, I spent the better part of the afternoon hanging out with my brother. He and I worked at establishing a new website for him to use. Like me, he is feeling a greater desire to write, and he knows that a personal site will provide him with the opportunity to do that. (Of course, … Continue reading »

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Old Friends

Back in high school, I was lucky enough to be a part of a great group of friends. Some people spend high school looking for a place to belong, but I was lucky enough to find that place early on. My family had attended First Baptist Church of Enterprise ever since we had moved to … Continue reading »

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Piper throws down on prosperity gospel

I recently saw this on another blog that I frequent, but it moved me so deeply that I thought I would post it here. The fact is, I have never been a big fan of prosperity doctrine. I find myself wondering if those people who truly embrace have read the whole Bible. Sure, they may … Continue reading »

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